It’s official. I’m married and am now a resident of Southern California! After meeting the girl of my dreams, I’m leaving the heat, the meat, and the beer for the beach, traffic, and the one year-round season. I’m excited about the change and am already making plans to open up a Texas BBQ joint, even if I’m the only customer. I’ve made a list of the good and the bad that I’d like to share with y’all (getting those in for as long as I can)…

The GOOD –

  • Shiner Bock has found it’s way to the West Coast
  • There is actually a country music station
  • The weather fluctuates ONLY between 60* and 78* (perfect for golf!)
  • SO much AYCE Korean BBQ
  • I’m a 5 hour road trip to snowboarding
  • No more 100+ degree Texas summers

The BAD –

  • Costco is packed like a weekend at 10am on weekdays
  • Brisket is only eaten at Korean BBQ
  • There are no Super Targets (I KNOW, right?!?)
  • The Pacific Ocean is cold
  • Hook ’em Horns doesn’t mean much here
  • Ryan Seacrest

What this means for my couples is I can now shoot you on the beach, house you if you visit, and stay up later to respond to emails! There will also be no travel fees for weddings in either SoCal or Dallas for the remainder of 2014 (this guy still gets homesick), so take advantage while you can!

socal engagement photography

Texas will always be home, I will always bleed burnt orange, and BBQ will still be my last meal on earth. #TexasForever #cleareyesfullhearts

Cheers to the next chapter!

california grid

Photo credits –
Wedding Photo by Ethan Yang
Engagement Photos by Hanh Nguyen
Instagrid by @table4photo