We’re back!  Thanks for everyone’s patience as Andrew and I spent the weekend (+2 days) shooting, walking, and eating Chicago.  It was a fattening experience, but oh so fun.  We met up with old friends, made some new ones, and now have another city we will definitely want to go back to, though probably only in the summers.  🙂  Here’s an image from the former Sears Tower we took on our last day.  We’ve got plenty more outtakes to come and show that will make you laugh at us. Stay tuned!

chicago skyline from sears tower image

Oh, and in other news, 10/10/10 has reopened!  Due to a venue mishap, the bride who booked that weekend with us had to change her date, so it’s now back up for grabs!  Contact us if you are interested in booking that date!  (by the way, we learned last week that our contact form on the blog had some errors preventing us from receiving inquiries and emails. If you haven’t heard back from us in, say, over a week, please send us another inquiry or an email at info at table4weddings dot com.)  Thanks for understanding!