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So, take this post as just a post by a really excited owner of a new toy.  Canon recently released their newest camera, the 5DMkII.  This a beautiful peice of machinery which not only produces 21mp image files, but can record 1080p HD video as well. So, this past Saturday, I took the new toy out for a test drive with Christy and Stephen’s engagement shoot in Fort Worth.  Stephen and I have known each other since middle school, and were in the same band for about 8 years (don’t ask, we weren’t that great…well, until I left…)  He’s a ridiculously talented guitarist, but recently hung up his guitars to go to med school.  Christy…Christy could be a Korean popstar.

First of all, Andrew and I aren’t videographers, nor do we want to be.  We’re not here to replace wedding videographers.  But, we are now able to provide our clients something new and unique with a quality and feel that matches our still photographs.  Obviously, we haven’t played around with this enough to add anything significant to our packages or to what we’re already providing our clients.  However, there are now more possibilities and we’ll be taking the next few months to ‘experiment’ with our existing and future clients; something we can ALL be excited about!  As a note, we won’t be experimenting with video at our weddings any time soon, so keep those videographers if you’ve hired them already!  If you haven’t hired one yet, go check out our buddy, Austin Walton.  We worked alongside him for this shoot and will hopefully be doing more work together soon.  🙂

So, this “slideshow” is composed of a short video (shot on my camera) at the beginning followed by some stills from their session.  The video is a realllllly short clip because 1.) We’re not videographers and 2.) We’re not videographers. 🙂  But, couldn’t this be a modern and unique Save the Date alternative?  I wish it were a little longer with more video, and I know it just kind of leaves you hanging, but….tough cookies. 😉 Anyway, this is just a glimpse of the great possibilities new technology can provide us so enjoy!  Check back every once and a while as we’ll be working on a more ‘deliverable’ product as well as the rest of Christy and Stephen’s engagement session.

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