Tiffaney and Chase Hot in the Vegas Desert


I’m gonna go ahead and say that I have the best looking couples on the planet. Tiffaney and Chase prove that again with this amazing session out in the middle of the Las Vegas desert. Months before, we discussed locations for their shoot and tossed around the idea of Las Vegas, the Neon boneyard, a huge desert, and a classic roadster. Needless to say, they were immediately sold on the crazy idea and off onto this adventure we went.

Special thanks to Jean Tsai for assisting.

After getting the opportunity to spend time with them, I’ve learned that they are so humble, kind hearted, and incredibly genuine people to be around. And I totally understand why their friends and family are drawn to their personalities. So, I’m happy and excited to spend another weekend with them and an intimate group of their inner circle in Maui for their wedding! Aloha!