Out of the Office in EUROPE!


british parliament, westminster abbey, london uk

Ciao! Bonjour! Hello! friends, clients, and potential clients,

I will be in Europe photographing a wedding and vacationing until July 1st. I will have limited phone and internet access, but if this is an emergency, please indicate it as so in the subject line. If you need to reach me over the phone, I will have access to my Google Voice business voicemail and text messaging via the internet, so please call/leave messages at that number: 214-444-8422.  (If you call my cell phone, you will be forward to my business line.)

I will also be using Skype to return urgent phone calls and communicate back home. This means that if you are expecting an urgent phone response from me, you might receive a call from an unknown number. If also means if you have/use Skype, you should add me! Skype name: Table4photo.

I will make every effort to answer emails and voicemails in a timely manner, however, if I don’t get to you, I will respond to all messages by July 3, 2010. Thank you for your patience and have a wonderful June! au revoir!

Jason Huang

P.S. Follow my updates on Facebook.com/Huanc and Twitter.com/jasonhuang

P.P.S. Yes, that is HuanC with a C…stupid iphone and my fat thumbs…

british parliament, westminster abbey, london uk

Lastly, I brought along a little Kodak video camera and have filmed a bunch of short clips for your entertainment.  I’ll be updating with new videos regularly!