Happy Holidays!


This year has been a crazy, fun, adventurous one and as I sit here writing this post, I’m reflecting first on why I have yet again failed to create a custom holiday card this year for Kim Le and I. And, though it might sound cliche, it’s because we’ve been busy. Busy jetsetting around the world, photographing and filming clients, and spending quality time with friends and family. I can’t help but think how blessed we’ve been this year and just sit here and feel grateful. Over Thanksgiving, we had the opportunity to work a wedding in the Philippines and we decided to turn it into a 3 week vacation with some friends. I have to say it was one of my favorite trips so far – taking small planes, getting lost in big cities, running through airports, getting scammed by EDM-raged taxi drivers, eating soupy noodles from a lady off the side of a random street, going to a local hospital – all in the company of amazing and likeminded people. It’s definitely a rewarding way to travel and we know we’re lucky to go on trips like these.

For the trip, I tried to film every little bit with my iPhone and the Hyperlapse app. It might take me a few weeks to put together our trip video, so check back to see our wild and crazy workcation. And don’t worry, I’ll explain everything in the film.

But, for now, one photo of the wife and I in Thailand, at Railay Beach. A group of 8 of us decided to take a small trip out to Krabi Town on a single motor long tail boat, but 15 minutes into our 45 minute boat ride a massive tropical storm came over us. So massive that we had to drop anchor and wait it out. Some of the girls were definitely scared sitting in the middle of the ocean under a tropical storm with the only source of light the moon and a suspicious looking fin behind us. After the storm was over, we headed back to Railay Beach and were greeted by clear skies, a lit beach, (no more fin), and a perfect Table4 scene.

So, in lieu of an actual holiday card, Happy Holidays and Merry New Year from two busy, but grateful people.

railay beach thailand moonlit photo by Jason Huang, Table4.

Thanks to our amazing friends and wedding photographers, Ethan and Karis, for snapping this with his X-T1! (23mm, 1/30, f/2, iso12800, backlit by iPhone flashlight)