Mundane Monday!


Hello everyone!  It’s 11:51pm right now on Sunday, September 26, and the eve of my 29th birthday!  I just wanted to kindly apologize and let you know that for the entire day of the 27th, I will be taking the day off with my girlfriend!  After a fun lunch with my parents at Taco Diner, and an evening at the TX State Fair (I gained 10lbs of batter and grease), we’re heading to NOLA tomorrow to eat some more! Thank you for your patience as I spend the day away from my computer (though I can’t promise I won’t check emails and maybe respond to one or two from my phone!)  I know for most of you it’s another Mundane Monday, but I hope everyone will have as great of a day as me!  =)

And what’s a photo blog without a photo?  Here’s Kim Le and I at the Gucci grand opening in Hanoi, right before the craziness started. You can see how much energy we still have by the slantiness of my eyes.