Johnny & Michael / Santa Monica Beach Engagement


He’s a pediatrician, he’s a Banana Republic manager. They met at a country dance hall and will be two stepping at their wedding. They love living by the beach, drinking wine, and cookies. And I could not have asked for a more genuine, fun, and happy couple to photograph.

Their session near downtown Santa Monica was a dream to shoot. The light was soft, weather was perfect, and they treated me like an old friend.

You have no idea how many weddings I’ve shot (in Texas) that don’t have any country music to dance to. So, I’m especially excited about this one since I might get an opportunity to show off my Texas two step on the dance floor. Yeehaw.

johnny-michael-santa-monica-beach-engagement-lgbt-table4-001 by Jason Huang, Table4. johnny-michael-santa-monica-beach-engagement-lgbt-table4-002 by Jason Huang, Table4. johnny-michael-santa-monica-beach-engagement-lgbt-table4-003 by Jason Huang, Table4. johnny-michael-santa-monica-beach-engagement-lgbt-table4-004 by Jason Huang, Table4. johnny-michael-santa-monica-beach-engagement-lgbt-table4-005 by Jason Huang, Table4. johnny-michael-santa-monica-beach-engagement-lgbt-table4-006 by Jason Huang, Table4. johnny-michael-santa-monica-beach-engagement-lgbt-table4-007 by Jason Huang, Table4. johnny-michael-santa-monica-beach-engagement-lgbt-table4-008 by Jason Huang, Table4. johnny-michael-santa-monica-beach-engagement-lgbt-table4-009 by Jason Huang, Table4. johnny-michael-santa-monica-beach-engagement-lgbt-table4-010 by Jason Huang, Table4. johnny-michael-santa-monica-beach-engagement-lgbt-table4-011 by Jason Huang, Table4.

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