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The beautiful thing about working with another creative is the difference in our views and approaches to similar situations and problems. We recently shot a destination engagement session in Big Sur for Linda & Ty and wanted t ...
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valentina-eric-dallas-engagement-13 by Jason Huang, Table4.
Valentina & Eric Dallas Engagement
Meet Valentina and Eric - two of the best looking couples in the country. I know this because they were the grand prize winning couple selected among thousands in last year's BridesLive Million Dollar Wedding giveaway a ...
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ann-steve-laguna-engagement-table4-26 by Jason Huang, Table4.
Laguna Beach Engagement Gets Sexy – Ann & Steve
Ann and Steve's engagement photo session started off innocently enough at Riley Wilderness Park near Coto de Caza. But, soon, you'll see it turned into much more than innocent. There's a story of a large stuffed bear that should g ...
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johnny_michael_engagement_007 by Jason Huang, Table4.
Johnny & Michael / Santa Monica Beach Engagement
He's a pediatrician, he's a Banana Republic manager. They met at a country dance hall and will be two stepping at their wedding. They love living by the beach, drinking wine, and cookies. And I could not have asked for a more genu ...
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cosmopolitan vegas engagement photo session by Jason Huang, Table4.
A Gentleman’s Thief and his Lady – Las Vegas Portraits at the Cosmo
Meet Apollo and Ava. Apollo steals things for a living. His website is literally He stole a watch from my stepdad right off of his wrist at our wedding reception. He's best known for stealing confidential and ...
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Tina and Brad’s Engagement in San Diego
Since moving to California, I've slowly discovered many amazing things about this state and the area I live in. For example, in the winter, while it's 20 degrees in my hometown of Dallas, it's 75 degrees EVERYDAY in Orange County ...
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Janet & Dustin // Downtown LA Engagement
Janet and Dustin were one of the amazing couples who entered our Engagement Contest earlier this year! Though they did not win, I awarded them an engagement session with the condition that we shoot part of it in the evening. We de ...
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014 table4 best of 2013 engagement photos laguna beach session
Best of 2013: Engagements
2013 was a pretty amazing year to be engaged. After all, I was engaged for most of it (engaged in December 2012). And I was lucky enough to share it with a handful of amazing people and couples. Here are some of my favorite engage ...
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Carol and Dan
This shoot was part experiment, part engagement. Kim Le (my wife!) and I teamed up to shoot Carol and Dan as a way to show our differing styles. We often get asked to define our styles and the answer is a little more difficult tha ...
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James * Tim
Little did I know that on this day and 5 short days after these photos would be taken, my brother James would be engaged to his partner Tim. Congrats, guys.
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Tram and Danny | Destination Engagement
Tram and Danny contacted me to photograph their wedding and engagement 2 weeks after he proposed, with a date they ended up changing. Whenever I know I'm being contacted at such an early stage, I know it must mean one of two thing ...
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Li and Ken | Downtown Dallas Engagement
Meet Li and Ken, two of the easiest people I have ever photographed. Lovers of architecture, style, and aged whiskey. It helps when they're so easy going and in love. We wandered through Dallas for their engagement session, stoppi ...
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downtown dallas engagement photo
Vinna and Jonathan’s Sweet Dallas Engagement
Meet Vinna and Jonathan. They are an amazing couple whose love for each other floors me.
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las vegas desert engagement photography
Tiffaney and Chase Hot in the Vegas Desert
I'm gonna go ahead and say that I have the best looking couples on the planet. Tiffaney and Chase prove that again with this amazing session out in the middle of the Las Vegas desert. Months before, we discussed locations for thei ...
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dallas whiterock lake engagement photo
Mary and Ryan’s Dallas Engagement Photos
Say hello to Mary and Ryan. An amazing and sweet couple from Dallas. Only fair we had an equally amazing and sweet engagement session. Locations: White Rock Lake - Park on Sylvan, West Dallas - Amsterdam Bar Dallas
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las vegas sunrise in desert image
Emi and Eric’s Vegas Engagement
5am. Middle of a Vegas summer. Red Rock Canyon. 4 crazy people. 1 beautiful morning. Red Rock Canyon | (702) 515-5350 (Thanks Kim Le)
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new york city lincoln center engagement photo
Amy and Italo’s NYC Engagement Session
Meet my gorgeous friends Amy and Italo. Their story is truly a special one and I'm so excited to shoot their wedding at Battery Gardens in the fall. She's from Plano (holla!) and he's from Brazil. They met in North Carolina and da ...
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paris france louvre engagement night time photo
Tiffany and Albert’s Nighttime Engagement Photos in Paris
While Kim Le and I were in Paris for Huong and Ben's session, Albert and Tiffany contacted me and asked to meet us for a nighttime engagement session in the city of love and lights. The plan for Albert and Tiffany was to visit som ...
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paris france eiffel tower engagement sunset photo
Huong & Ben | Destination Engagement in Paris
One morning I received a call from an international number. After staring at it for three rings trying to figure it out... "Hello, this is Jason." "Hi Jason! My name is Huong and I'm calling you from the Netherlands!" "Whoa ...
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The intimate, romantic, caught-in-between moments of love are some of my favorite and most challenging images to take. They happen so fast and sometimes so seldom, an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and relief comes over me w ...
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