Super Serious Post About Ministers


If there’s one thing that I could change about every wedding, it would be this.  One tiny thing (if done right) would make all the difference in the world.  And it has everything to do with the minister, pastor, rabbi, judge, or whoever is hired to preside over the wedding.  One simple thing: S-M-I-L-E during the first kiss.  Don’t look down, don’t look sad, don’t look grossed out, but SMILE.  Think about it; in 90% of a couples’ first kiss at the chapel, YOU (the minister) are in that photograph.  One of the defining moments of the couple’s wedding can easily be perfected (and preserved for eternity) by showing your pearly whites.  But, in case you’re not sure what we’re talking about, here are some examples from our weddings this past year.

Let’s start with a few “proper” First Kiss Looks:

first kiss at an outdoor dallas arboretum wedding image
I LOVE this one because even though you can’t see the minister’s entire face, his huge genuine smile shines through capping off a beautiful moment.

wedding first kiss, altar, pastor image
This one is great because not only do you see the passion in the kiss but the minister is smiling, almost signifying his approval and shared happiness.

Here are a few examples of…not…so…good…First Kiss Looks.
first kiss at prestonwood baptist church image
This one, either the couple jumped the gun while the minister was reading a passage, or maybe he just didn’t want to watch. 😉

Here’s another:
first kiss wedding image

I think this minister was caught off guard.
first kiss wedding image

What do you think is going through this minister’s head?
first kiss wedding image at anabelle mansion

Here’s a solution: Disappear altogether!
first kiss wedding image arlington, tx

This next one isn’t too bad since you can kinda tell the minister is smiling with her eyes. 🙂
first kiss wedding image at mercury hall in austin tx

Lastly, this is a great example of everyone ‘participating’ in the first kiss:
first kiss in houston tx wedding image

And let me end by saying that both Andrew and I have some really great friends who are studying to be pastors/ministers. This post is no way an attack on ministers or our way of taking away from the couples’ first kiss as newlyweds. Just some observations from two wedding photographers who’ve seen some great first kisses that could be made even better with a little help from the ministers. 🙂  We just want to remind ministers the importance or their presence during a newlywed’s first kiss and remember to SMILE!

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