Aric Proposes to Casey


I met Aric and Casey this past March in Las Vegas at a photographer’s conference called WPPI.  It was opening night and there was a free buffet going down in one of the main halls (obviously I was the first one in line).  Once the doors were flung open, a few friends and I grabbed a table while others went and loaded up on food.  Then, out of nowhere, two people ask if these seats next to me were taken.  Being the southerner, I kindly invited them to sit, even though I was hoping the seats would go to the cute girls walking towards the empy chairs.  (j/k!)  Anyway, after finding out they were from Lubbock, we hit it off and started to hang out daily at the conference.  In other words, I was always the 3rd wheel.

The last few months of knowing Aric & Casey have truly been a blessing and privilege.  They are both ridiculously good looking people and very humble (and good) at what they do.  But most importantly, they adore Table4 (good bait & switch marketing right there).  😉  So Aric approached me about 2 weeks ago saying he wanted to propose to Casey.  This was near the weekend when Tech beat Texas in college football and I wasn’t talking to either of them.  A week later, he told me he wanted to send her on a scavenger hunt around the city and have me photograph it without being seen.  Again, being the southerner, I kindly obliged and helped him lie to get Casey up to Dallas for the weekend.  (You guys can ask her for the full details)

So, here’s the scavenger hunt & proposal through my eyes + a 400mm f/2.8 IS lens.  She claims she didn’t see me all day, but I’m pretty sure it’s hard to miss the same car parked awkwardly at each location.  Enjoy and congrats Aric + Casey!

Click to view the show if this doesn’t load!

Thanks also to Andrew for driving through the rough terrain of Fort Worth, raising and lowering the windows, and shooting. Table4 is now available for spy work.  But only the Top Secret kind.